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Automatic Insect Monitoring

TRAPVIEW is a global and exclusive innovation: a fully automated pheromone trap. It has high- resolution cameras that record the daily insect situation in orchards. Photographs taken of the adhesive plate are sent to the online platform, which can be visualized from any Internet- connected device, ensuring fast action and decreasing field visits. This autonomous system, with integrated GPS and solar panel, presents an excellent value for money and performs automatic recognition and counting of moths and other insects.



  • Remote monitoring via Internet

  • Automatic data collection

  • Reduction of field visits

  • Real-time view of the status of insects in orchards

  • Excellent value for money and fast action

  • Data easily shared with agronomist

  • Real-time view of the situation in all of its operation area

  • Simplified management and communication with customers

  • Data collection in small intervals

  • Reduced need for inspection / maintenance personnel

  • Excellent data source to verify and develop insect combat models


Insects automatically caught

  • Bud moth

  • Chestnut and acorn moth

  • Codling moth

  • Diamond back moth

  • European grapevine moth

  • Fruit tree tortrix moth

  • Grape berry moth

  • Light brown apple moth

  • Long-palped tortrix

  • Pea moth

  • Peach moth

  • Peach twig borer

  • Plum fruit moth

  • Rose leaf roller

  • Silver Y moth

  • Spruce budworm

  • Summer fruit tortrix moth

  • Turnip moth


Technical Features

  • Delta Trap

  • 4 high-resolution cameras with flash Integrated GPS and rechargeable

  • internal battery: autonomous system Instant alerts (biofix, population increase)

  • Automatic insect counting (more options more insects supported regularly)