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We Know Soil Moisture.

Climate Monitoring

Climate data is a powerful tool for decision making. With climate data you can apply the correct fertilizers and pesticides, determine the appropriate moisture for planting, plan machinery traffic on property, reduce equipment wear, save on labor costs, establish a profitable and sustainable production system, and most importantly maximize return on investment.



  • aim to monitor different sets of meteorological variables and microclimates

  • robust and cost-effective equipment – high accuracy and durability

  • agriculture-focused – fully customizable to meet the exact needs of each producer

  • independent – solar panel, internal battery and GSM

  • supports over 120 sensors, e.g. precipitation, temperature and relative humidity, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, humidity and soil temperature, leaf wetness, etc.


Complete Station

  • full weather station

  • main applications – multi-purpose weather monitoring, irrigation management (water balance) and research

  • suggested sensors configuration – precipitation, solar radiation, wind speed, temperature and relative humidity (ETo calculation)

  • calculates brightness, degree days, evapotranspiration and dew point

  • adding a leaf wetness sensor – disease models calculation

  • total customization: up to 120 sensors

  • additional – local weather forecast


Compact Station

  • compact, low-cost weather station

  • main use – precipitation monitoring, air temperature and soil moisture, weather forecast, irrigation management, fertigation

  • common configuration – rain gauge, air temp. and soil moisture sensors (Decagon + Watermarks, Sentek)

  • customization: soil temperature sensors, water level sensors, Sentek soil moisture profile sensor

  • additional – local weather forecast

  • Online Data Management Platform


    This is a Internet-based weather data management platform with many different features, including: real time updates, access via any Internet-connected device, mobile versions (iOS, Android), storage of all weather data starting from the first communication, possibility to display data in graphs or tables, M2M connectivity and able to export data to MS-Excel, username and password (one or more stations), irrigation management via soil moisture or water balance, weather forecasts, possibility to use disease models, enabling and configuring weather alerts sent via SMS.