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Soil Nutrient Analysis

soil-analysisThe soil nutrient sensor MetosNPK was presented to the public during Agritechnica 2013, world ́s largest agricultural technology fair, held in Germany. Pessl Instruments received the Innovation Award for the development of this practical and innovative product, which will be soon commercially available.

It is a device that allows a combined measurement of macronutrients directly on the field. After the sample is added to the sensor, in just two minutes the user has a complete analysis of macronutrients in just a single measurement.

The results are valuable for precision agriculture and on-demand fertilizer application.



  • On-site analysis of soil samples.

  • Analysis of most important nutrients in a handheld device.

  • Low costs per analysis in comparison to laboratory analysis.

  • No time delay and high accuracy of the measurement results.

  • Measurement data enables immediate reaction on fertilizer demand of the plants.

  • Detection of all macronutrients in a single analysis with high precision